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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:20:48 -0500 From: Randi Subject: Randi 26Hi! Time for a little departure from my usual fare. This story is about a wonderful friend of mine in the distant, unknown civilization, the darkest reaches of the left coast, California. bambi model rar She has told me of a particularly wonderful experience that was so model motorcycle nude exciting, I decided to write about it and present it here for you all. Please let me know if you like my methodology. I will be back on track with my own nonnude kids models adventures soon.Please keep your feedback coming to my Randi526 mini models xxx hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now. . . Cali and CamiI leaned forward in my office chair, holding my sleepy head aloft with the greatest of effort. What a night, I thought. Hours on the Internet with my sweetie pie in New York City, the brilliant and beautiful Storylady (ahem! That's me, in case you're wondering. Sorry.). Slow, deliberate, soft, warm, gentle, sensual talk that had me actually feeling her hands, her lips, her tongue everywhere at once on my body. I fell into my bed absolutely exhausted and quickly fell into a warm, wonderful, wet sleep. Lying there, so lost in a dream of my love, feeling her hands on me again, I reached out my arms in my sleep, and held her close. I felt hands touching me, felt the softness of lips on my breasts, my nipples being held and sucked, my pussy alive with touches.Suddenly, I was awake. Glancing down, I watched the softly sexy figure models flowing, glistening brown hair of my baby, my Rachael, sucking away at my breast. Her small hands cupped the morsel, squeezing it and bringing her lips to me. I watched her teeth fasten around my nipple, biting it gently, sending sensations of lust pale models tgp throughout my body. I reached down to touch her soft, smooth, young skin, caressing the softness of her back, her shoulders, down to the small of her back. Pausing in her sucking, she turned her beautiful face to me, her dark eyes glowing in her love, her tiny, beautiful smile melting my heart. I touched the softness of her cheek and smiled at her, watching her take my hand to kiss and lick pretyeen model the palm. I watched as she took my hand and placed it around her small, perfect breast, felt the hard nipple pressing so sharply at my palm. I cried out and pulled her face up to mine, our lips meeting, our tongues exploring each other's. I licked the length of her tongue, slipping along its length to the back and up to touch and explore the roof of her mouth.Suddenly, a sound from across the room. Both Rachael and I turned model nudist pix at once to the slowly opening door and watched the vision enter the room and approach the bed. Samantha, her older sister, my gorgeous friend, perfect in body and face, her pussy shaven, her legs long and gleaming in the morning light. We watched her long dark hair sway almost to her soft ass as she walked, her proud, beautiful breasts high, her nipples distended. I slipped my arm around Rachael's shoulder and held her close to me, feeling the soft, young body move even closer. We watched together as Samantha knelt on the bed and sat back on her haunches, staring at our naked bodiesNo words were spoken as Rachael and I watched Samantha lean forward, supporting herself on her long, graceful arms, her breasts hanging down and swaying as she approached. She leaned down and kissed the soft skin of my thighs, her hands gently tracing the smooth texture of my legs. One of her hands, fingers long and narrow, reached out to touch the incredibly soft skin of Rachael's thigh. At once, Rachael and I reached out to caress the softness of her arms, tracing little lines up and down them, causing Samantha to shudder.Rachael turned her attention back toward my breast once again, her mouth working hard to suck as japan child models much of my titty into her mouth as she could, toplist model biz her tongue swirling around and around my nipple. My hand traced down to her hip, to her soft ass cheek, squeezing bikini hot model and squeezing the soft flesh, my finger slipping between them to touch her tiny asshole. As if a living entity, it opened and grabbed my finger, drawing it inside of her. Her mouth increased her suction on my nipple, sending beautiful, brilliant shock waves throughout my body. Slowly, Samantha had worked her nude malw models way up my legs, kissing and licking the spread inner thighs, my juices flowing down my skin to be lapped up by her searching tongue. Now, I felt it. 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As her tongue then slipped deep into my pussy, I began to cry out, the sounds lost in the soft wetness of Rachael's cunt. I lifted my thighs, giving Samantha full access to my openings and she dived in deep. Her hands cupped my ass, caressing them, squeezing them, her wet finger slipping deep inside my asshole.I screamed once again, my come pouring out of my hole, czech sexy model filling Samantha's gasping mouth. At the same time, Rachael shrieked and poured her flow of young come deep into my mouth, my sucking mouth. I lifted her to touch my tongue to her little asshole then back, just as I felt Samantha move her tongue down to pierce mine. I felt it again, another orgasm building, even higher. best young models More intense as I screamed so loud that I felt everything explode over me, until, at model bikini world last, Rachael collapsed onto me and I could not move a muscle."Time to wake up for work, Sweetheart," Rachael whispered into my ear. I was spent. My friend had shown up on my doorstep last night, all the way from San Francisco for a surprise visit, her eyes glowing, her hand clutched by her teenage sister. I had never met the younger one, but now? Completely at ease as I felt Samantha's tongue still lapping up the remains of my come, still working around the lips of my cunt. Slowly, she lifted her head and smiled that beatific smile at me, yound underwear models crawling up to cuddle one last time before I had to leave for the wars of work.Daydreaming again, damn it! God, now I'll have to change my panties. Worth it, though. Hee hee. I glanced around the office, certain that I had given myself away. Noting that I was unobserved, I gathered up the files on my desk and walked across the office to the copying room to prepare the presentation for our visiting clients. I passed by my friend Shelley's desk and chemical model received a warm, passionate wink, quickly returned and watched in embarrassed shock as she suddenly began to sniff the air as I passed. An evil grin passed over her perfect black face as she whispered, "You've been daydreaming again, angel," she whispered. I must have turned a bright shade of red because she burst out laughing and pure 14yo models waved me away from her desk. Shaking, I stuck my tongue out at her and continued on to the copy room to busy myself, hoping my glow wasn't that obvious to everyone else at the officeAs I worked, I listened to the clamor outside the door as the model pretenn visiting clientele was led around the office, introductions, introductions, introductions. Gathering up my work, I walked out into the hall and almost ran down my boss."Cali, just in time," he said, taking my hand and leading me to the group of visitors. One by one, he introduced me to the visiting clients as his number one person. Glowing, I shook hands and nodded to each of them. Until, one person stepped forward from the group, hand extended. I stared at her and almost dropped my files and copies. Her hand, long fingered, slim and strong grasped mine immediately."Hi. I'm Cami. Such a pleasure to meet you, Cali," she said, more of a whispered command than an introductory voice. I gazed at her, almost dumbstruck. Her long, thick red hair, her emerald green eyes, the slim beautiful figure, dressed in a classic Calvin Klein suit, I thought I was staring at my Storylady!"Hi, Cami. Welcome," I managed to say, praying that I didn't sound as transparent as I thought, hoping that I hadn't given away the fact that I was close pregnant bikinis models to coming. "If there is anything I can do for you, please. Don't hesitate to ask," I smiled."Thank you, Cali. I'm sure I will need your help here for the abercrombie model gallery next couple of days," Cami said, so perfectly, so matter-of-factly that I felt sure no one felt what I felt. Energy, a shiver at her touch. As she walked away, I cautiously glanced at the movement of her soft ass under her suit pants, noticing no cellulite bulge, just a perfectly shaped upside down box of valentine candy. Before I could tear my eyes from her, I glanced up and saw the look that passed over her face as she turned to look at me pics and models as she walked away. Oh, my Godddd. Now, what?The remainder of the day was absolute murder. Being with her at my desk, in conference, I keep watching her, knowing that she was watching me, too. Even Shelley, my dark love, knew something was up. Her wicked smiles and asides kept me on edge the entire day, torturing me, driving me wild with passion, even as I slipped into the ladies room, opening a stall and entered. I had hoped to relieve the pressure that was burning my body up. Before I could close the stall door, however, the way was blocked by a strong black hand, holding the door before slipping cute pre model inside with me. Immediately, Shelley grabbed me, held me tight against her, her lips searching for mine. Thick, delicious, soft lips against mine, our tongues fighting for dominance. She pushed me down onto the toilet seat and pulled my slacks down around my ankles, followed quickly by my soaked panties."Mmmmm. Girlfriend, I am about to cleanse you", Shelley whispered. "That redhead must have really done a number on you! My God, you are soaked!" she laughed, dropping to her knees before me. I shuddered as her hands caressed my thighs, from my knees to my hips and back down over my fiery pussy, to my inner thighs, spreading them wide before she lowered her face to consume me.Oh, my God! I thrust my fist into my mouth, biting down on my knuckles to keep from screaming as I felt her long, thick tongue touch my open cunt lips, swirling around just beneath them, touching the outer areas of my pussy, moving deftly up to my swollen clittie, tasting the thick droplets of my come. Oh, God, I was on fire, desperately wanting her tongue chuby teen model to slide deep inside of me. I needed it so badly!"Shelley, more. Please, more, deeper. Please," I pleaded, feeling her hands slip behind me, cupping my ass, a wet finger slipping between my open cheeks, seeking my asshole. Oh, God, her finger. Inside my asshole. Oh, her tonguein meee, Comingggg oh,goddddd.I bit down so hard, I brought blood into my mouth as I lifted myself from the seat, the orgasm crashing over me in unending fury. Powerful, hard, long, deep. Spurting my come into her sucking mouth. Finally, I collapsed back onto the seat, my heart pounding so hard usenet young models I could hardly hold myself upright. I watched her smiling chocolate face rise from my nude soccer models cunt and approach me, my wetness smeared all over her. I kissed her cheeks, her nose, her buttery soft lips, tasting myself, devouring her and me at the same time. Her smile told it all."God, girl, you are so hot!" Shelley breathed, splaying little kisses over my face. "You must really be turned on by that lady," Shelley laughed, licking my lips and standing up to straighten her clothes. Unable to move, I watched her open the door, wink and smile back at me, and leave me alone with my drained pussy and my sopping wet panties. Wow! Thank God my sweetie in New York taught me to always keep an extra pair of panties in my purse! I cleansed myself and slipped into the new, black panties and walked to the my model wife mirror to freshen up.As I walked from the bathroom, I saw Cami walk into the coffee room. glassica model a I hesitated, glancing around, then followed her inside. Luckily, we were alone as I walked in and set my purse on the table, watching her fill her cup. She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled, picking up another empty to fill for me. I smiled my thank you and stood near her, unable to say a word, feeling like a teenager at a high school mixer. eae model Without glancing at her, I felt her eyes on me, watching my every move. I felt the tension between us and I was absolutely certain she could smell me! God, I was mortified. And, I was getting horny again. I drank deeply of the strong coffee and set my cup onto the table. Suddenly I felt a static electrical charge course through my body as her fingers touched my hand. I looked down to stare at her long, strong fingers as they burned the flesh of the back of my hand. Then, up to her eyes, her iridescent green eyes, flashing at me. And, I thought again that I was looking into the eyes of my sweet love, my Storylady."Cali, can you join me for dinner this evening? I'm all alone in that big hotel and I would surely love the company," Cami whispered, the corners of her beautiful mouth turning to a tight, warm smile. Think fast, girl. Rachael and Samantha are going to be home, waiting for you. What do black pornstar model you tell them? Will they understand? Should I go with her? Oh, my Goddddd.."Of course," I said, my eyes meeting hers and knowing that there was no way I would be able to say no. "I have some work to do until around seven, though. Can I meet you at your hotel?""Wonderful, darling. I will so be looking forward to it. But, no. No, I'll wait for you," Cami whispered, her eyes closing to daring slits, the power of her emerald eyes not diminished one bit. "Here," she continued, handing me one of her business cards. I took it and turned it over, finding the hotel name and room number. "Just in case we get separated."I walked back to my desk on shaky legs, tottering past a chortling Shelley, tears almost pouring from her laughing eyes. I gave her my most fearsome look, which only increased her laughter. As I reached my desk, I sank quickly into my chair and put my purse on my lap, hugging it tightly to my chest. A moment later, I slid my purse into hawaii bikini models my desk drawer and immediately keyed in the connection to my hotmail account and began to write to my Storylady.I told her everything. From meeting Cami, to my meeting in the bathroom with Shelley and, shakily, of my date. A date. Oh, my God, I have a date with a gorgeous clone of my Storylady!!! Oh, my Godddddddd, I thought, my hand over my eyes, thinking of how I would spend the rest of the day."Randi, I don't know what to say or what to do. She is you. Just like you. If I make love to her, it will be to you. I will feel you touching me model child pedo and kissing me. Oh, God, Randi, tell me what to do!? I wrote, my fingers shakily making mistake after mistake.Within an hour, I received a reply from my Storylady. She sandra model sample was so honored that I would be making love to model nn cp a Storylady clone. Her words took on that soft, sexual tone that had my juices flowing into my last dry panties, but I didn't care. I was floating on air and so warm. As I finished reading her words, Cami passed near my desk and dropped a delicious smile on me, watching and smiling as my face obviously flushed lola model young bright red. Getting through the rest of the day would be very, very difficult.I wrote an answer to my Storylady, telling her that making love with a clone would never be nearly as wonderful as the touch of her hands and her lips on me. The taste of her juices flowing over my tongue, the glaze on her body as we make love in the heated bedroom would never taste as tangy, nor the perfect, rounded ass that I adored so and knew that she also relished.That's when I felt it. That familiar tingle that began inside my thighs and worked its way up to my youngmodelscom ass, to my clutching asshole and into my tummy. Oh, God, I thought. How do I stop this? But, that would be like stopping the christina model wiki Titanic from sinking, I knew. The strong tingle began to make me shake and shiver as I felt it move further, into my pussy, flowing all around to cause me to squeeze swimsuit model my muscles, feeling the lips massage my clittie, then suddenly, powerfully, the tiny spurt of my come and a flushing orgasm that made my legs clamp together, my fist at my mouth to keep from screaming to the entire office that I had just shot a load into my panties.Oh, shit. Oh, God, so wonderful. So delicious, I thought. And, now, so messy! No one was nearby as I took a handful of tissues from my desk drawer and radical child models slipped them between my legs, dabbing myself dry as best I could. I grabbed the plastic baggie from my lunch and stuffed the soaked tissues inside and put it into my lunch bag. God, I hope I remember to take them out tonight! I took out my Lysol spray and sprinkled it around generously, hoping it wouldn't be a complete giveaway.Finally, around seven o'clock, I gave up the ghost of work. Thank God for my work, I thought, amazed that I hadn't made any major mistakes, even though I had had to work closely with Cami and her people a great deal during the day. Stray hands touching, stray glances, more blushing, which, she whispered, was so cute. I put my work away and made a last call to Samantha to be sure she would see that Rachael had dinner tonight, that I would portal nonnude models be home very late. Thank God she understood. She and her sister would take excellent care of my bed for me.I rose from my desk, made an exaggerated effort to yawn and porn modells stretch, hoping to mask my nervous jitters, and pulled my coat over my shoulders. I glanced out the window for the first time all day and my shoulders slumped as I sighed. It was raining. And, hard. Damn, damn and double fucking damn! I knelt down and began searching under my desk for an umbrella. Suddenly, I felt a hand touch my shoulder and jumped, banging my gorgeous head against the desk."Ouchhh! Shit!" I barked, dropping down onto my soft, round ass. As I sat there, rubbing my sore head, I felt strong, intense hands beneath my arms, lifting me up to beautful bikini models my chair."Oh, victoria secret models Cali, I am so sorry," Cami whispered, letting her hands linger beneath my arms, her casting young models forearms touching the sides of my breasts. I glanced around quickly and noted that the office was virtually empty. Thank God, I thought. I must be fire engine red!"My fault. Really. Iuh, I was just looking for an umbrella. I didn't know it was raining," I said, turning livedoor imgboard model around to glance at her. Her eyes, so bright green, and glazed, smiled at me, making me feel just a tad less nervous. Or more. I wasn't sure of anything."Come on", Cami hot pre models whispered. "My umbrella will do to get us both to our cars." She lifted me from the chair and linked her arm in mine and we walked out of the office and to the street. Popping the umbrella, she hugged me to her and held it to cover us both as she walked me to my car. As I unlocked it and started to enter, she stopped me. Staring into my eyes, she leaned down to place a chaste kiss on my cheek. I looked at her, so beautiful under the streetlights and the rain, I lifted my hand to her neck and brought her lips to mine. Just a touch, just to feel her soft, moist lips against mine. To show her that I wanted her as badly as she seemed to want me. Pulling back, she smiled at me."Follow me". Cami whispered, her eyes welling up with tears of frustration, of want that started my juices flowing once again. I watched her walk away to her rental car, a car that I wish I had. I really must get a new one. This old Sprint is tottering on its last 300,000-mile legs!I pulled out of the parking lot and fell in behind her, staying so close, not wanting to lose her in the rainy darkness. Soon enough, we pulled up to her hotel and she left her car for the valet service. I continued on into the parking lot, found a space at the far end and turned off the motor. I pulled the hood of my coat over my head and left the car, turning and running hard into Cami, standing right behind me with the umbrella. Smiling, we walked into the hotel lobby.We entered the elevator along with several others, feeling eyes all over us from the visiting businessmen looking for a nice hot evening on the town. We smiled to ourselves and at each other through secret glances, trying not to grab each other or laugh. When we exited onto her floor, Cami began digging in her purse for her hotel access card and opened the door. I wafted right into the suite and took off my coat, russian young modell shaking the water from it. Cami closed and locked the door, dropped her coat to the floor along with the exotic nude models wet umbrella and immediately went to the telephone to order room service.Cami was standing by the desk, holding the telephone, as I approached and sat in the chair directly behind her. As she ordered, I reached around her to her tummy and gently pulled her down on my lap. I felt the soft, roundness of her ass against my thighs as I reached around her to unbutton her blouse, letting my hands slip onto her soft, smooth tummy. She almost cried out on the phone as my hands slipped up to cup her breasts through her silken bra, shocked to find that something very, very delicious had been hidden behind her official business attire. Full, round breasts, her nipples already hard and poking through the silken material, I gently squeezed them, moving them all around. art teen model I pulled her blouse free of her skirt and slipped it from her shoulders as she continued to try to talk. Not too easy, I giggled to myself, because my next move was to unclasp the flimsy bra, letting her large, beautiful breasts tumble free.I purposely left her breasts alone and opened the clasp at the side of her skirt and slowly skinned the zipper down her side. With a gentle nudge, Cami lifted her butt and I pulled the skirt down over her ass and her hips, watching, with a very, very large lump in my throat, her absolutely perfect, round ass come into view. A very tiny pair of panties cupped only a tiny portion of her ass cheeks and I almost came just at the sight.Finally, Cami set the telephone down and I heard her moan, almost preeteen modeling pics like the sound of a cat purring. I pushed her forward, leaning her over the desk and slowly began to pull her panties down over her hips, watching the dark cleft between her ass cheeks come into view, that mysterious darkness inviting me so that I felt the saliva begin to drip from my lips."Oh, my God, Cali. How did you know?" Cami whispered, her breath ragged as I began to gently kiss each delicious, velvety smooth ass cheek, little kisses, licks and nibbles at her delicate skin. Cami reached behind her and held my head, urging my face deeper into her ass, her breathing became even more ragged. As my tongue touched her crack, her hands fell away and she leaned over the desk, completely open for me. I licked the length of her crack, gently opening her glass smooth cheeks, staring directly at the bright pink opening, completely hairless, puckered for me. As my tongue touched the sensitive area of her pucker she screamed loud."Cali, yessss. Oh, God, yes, my ass. My asshole! Please!" Cami pleaded, entirely unnecessarily as I touched the entrance biker models to her asshole with the tip of my tongue, licking all around the delicate entrance to her body. Hardening my tongue, I penetrated her delicious asshole, slipping deep into her rectum. My fingers slipped beneath her to touch the so wet opening to her cunt, slipping up to touch and squeeze her clittie. She began to rock back to my tongue and forward to my fingers, screaming as she came, pouring her juices over my stroking fingers, my sucking tongue squeezed by the power of her orgasm.Moments later, gathering her strength, Cami turned and knelt down before me, staring into my eyes."Uh, Let me guess. You've done this before," Cami laughed. Before I could respond, she took my face in her hands and kissed me. I little model tv was naked toples model startled at the suddenness of her assault on philippine nude models my lips, feeling the soft, moisture of her, felt the stroke of her long, thick tongue over mine, into my mouth. Touching the back of my tongue, she dragged hers down to touch the tip, then began a search and drink of my mouth, touching my cheeks, my teeth, driving me insane as it touched the roof of my mouth.I felt, uk nude model but couldn't open my eyes to watch, her hands drawing my sweater from my skirt and lifting it, her hands on my skin, slipping up from my sides, around to my tummy and slipped under my bra to grasp my naked breasts. Oh, God, I was leaking again from her touch as I felt her tongue slowly, reluctantly, slip from my mouth, leaving me gasping, disappointed to lose it. She lifted my sweater over my head and threw it down with her clothes. Her fingers behind me opened the clasp models showing pussies of my displaced bra and let it fall to my lap. She leaned back and smiled, her perfectly formed body startling in its softness. Her large breasts so perfect, nipples so long and hard, a tiny trimmed patch of hair surrounding her cunt."God, you're beautiful", Cami whispered. "Your breasts are so round, so perfect. God, I wanted you the minute I saw you walk out of that room, Cali," she breathed, saliva dripping slightly from the corner of her mouth. Her face dipped to my breast, kissing each hillock models sex images of flesh, her tongue reaching out to lightly touch the tip of each rock hard nipple. I gasped and reached for her head to pull her close, but she was too fast for me. She pulled back and lifted me from the chair and opened the clasp of my skirt, pulled down the teen supermodels gallery zipper in a frenzy and let it slide down my thighs, to puddle around my ankles. She pulled down my soaked panties, pausing to gently pull them from the hot wetness of my cunt and skinned them down my body. Now, we were both naked, completely open to each other as she stood and stepped back.I stared at her body and realized I had been fantasizing about Storylady. It was she. Not really, but a clone. Exactly as she was. In her early 40s, her long, thick reddish hair, the long, lean, powerful legs, the high round breasts, the red nipples. Even the thick, trimmed red bush between her thighs. I felt her eyes on me and welcomed her gaze. I was proud of my body and kept myself in shape despite becoming an old lady. Hee hee. I felt my juices begin to flow harder and watched hers ooze from her pussy.Cami smiled and reached for my hand and led me to the bedroom, her soft ass cheeks moving so beautifully as she walked ahead of me. Like me, she showed no sighs of cellulite or sag. I was so hot right now I could have fried an egg on my pussy! Reaching the bedroom, she opened the door and stood back to let me enter first. I ran quickly to the bed and leaped high, landing on my back, then sat up cross-legged, amazed that my very shaky legs hadn't collapsed. I waited as she closed the door and came to me. Slowly, gently, she pushed me back onto the bed and knelt over me.I looked up into Cami's eyes, watching teen women models her smile at me. "You are incredible," she breathed as she sensually slid down to the foot of the bed. She picked up teeny fantasy models my foot and began to suck each of my toes, like little cocks, mouthing porn models wallpapers each, biting the bases and spent most of the time on my great toe. I was squirming and petite models nn crying out, making little moaning urges to move up quickly. She smiled and moved, instead, blonde little model to the other foot. Kissing, licking, sucking each of my toes, licking the bottom of each foot. Up my calves, to my knees, around to the backs or each of them. I was broiling like a chicken on a spit, but she continued to take so much time. Up my thighs, kissing and licking the tops, lifting them to kiss and suck the bottoms and, finally, to the juice-drenched inner surfaces.I felt Cami on me, but my thoughts turned to Storylady, fantasizing nadya teen model that it was she between my thighs. Nothing that disparaged Cami, but. . . Oh, God, I felt her lips now touching the soft, delicate skin between my thighs and my pussy. Her tongue slid over the flesh and up, over the hair of my pussy, tasting the juices that matted the hair there. And, down the other side, her mouth staying away from my flowing cunt."Cami, please. Don't make me wait. I need it now, please," I ukranian children models begged. She touched the lips of my pussy amateur modeling fees with her tongue, sliding around the edges, tasting the tangy come that coated me. I felt the tingling in my body beginning to overtake me, but she masterfully kept me from coming as she made love to my pussy. Licking over my clittie, under the lips to the moist inner folds of my cunt. Licking, tasting, her hands beneath me holding my ass cheeks in her hands, cupping them, squeezing them, her moist finger slipping between my clenched cheeks, worming its way toward my asshole. I relaxed my ass, letting her move, welcoming her intrusion into my hole. I felt her finger enter, slowly, deeper and deeper, moving around inside of me as her mouth began to move more forcefully on my cunt.She kept me on the edge of a mighty orgasm for what seemed endless hours before she touched that special place deep inside of me that began the urge, the climb, the arching of my hips up to meet her mouth, squeezing my ass around her finger, never wanting it to leave my body. She screamed her orgasm into my cunt as I began to fly. Over the clouds into a magnificent explosion of pleasure, almost pain, as I came and spurted my come into her waiting mouth.Moments later, I awoke. I had passed out, totally devoid of any bodily fluids, just in time for jeanie asian model us to hear the knock at the door with our dinner. Of course, now, it would be desert because we had already feasted.Wrapped in hotel robes, we sat before the coffee table in the main room of the suite, feasting on a beautiful tray of fruit and cheese and two bottles of delicious wine. We ate and we drank our wine and we laughed. I found that she was married to a wonderful man, a lawyer, and had two teen model shoots children, both little girls. My two girls were my life, both on dates this evening and I missed them beseler model 1 already. Finally, our juices having been appropriately restocked, we carried the tray into the playboymodel amanda rendal bedroom and put it between us on the bed. minimodel nude Removing our robes, we continued our feast, sitting upright on the bed, our legs interlocked. I watched Cami put a wicked smile on her face as she picked up a strawberry to her mouth to lick it over and over, so sexy, so tiny wet models hot that I started to trickle. She reached out and dipped the berry into my pussy, soaking it in my juices, then lifting it to her mouth, slowly licking it before popping it into her mouth. I returned the favor and we devoured pussy-coated strawberries, laughing and dripping for so long.Taking another strawberry into my mouth, I spread her beautiful thighs and dipped my head to place the berry into her pussy, pushing it deep inside of her with my tongue. I picked up two more large strawberries and pushed them inside her, too. Then, with my equally wicked smile, I lay on my tummy between her thighs and began to slowly suck them out of her. I tasted the tart sweetness, so deliciously mixed with her thick, rich come, chewing on her bright pink folds, licking over her swollen clittie. Chewing and swallowing as she screamed my name, spurting again deep into my mouth.We began to roll around on the big bed, first me on top, kissing her soft lips, our come mixing in each other's mouths. I licked down her hungarian teen model chest to her rapidshare childmodel beautiful, soft, round breasts, kissing then cherrie model teen licking them, taking her rock hard red nipples between my lips, sucking them hard, turkish teen model pulling on them, biting them. She came from my play at her breasts, holding my face so hard to her, I almost lost my breath. But, I wasn't through. Not by a long shot. I turned her over onto her tummy and began to kiss and lick all the way down tiny panty models her back, to her soft, delicious ass. I lifted her hips and stuffed two pillows beneath her, watching her little asshole wink at me, begging me to come for her. I reached for the tray to pick up a long, thick carrot child model ivillage and touched the smaller end to the opening of her little asshole. I licked her pucker as the carrot began its journey deep into her bowels, touching the walls of her rectum, moving in and out."Oh, my God, Cali!" Cami screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck my asshole! Please, please, please fuck me hard", she screamed as I increased the pace of my fucking. Finally, I felt her tense, listened to her panting, listened to her ultimate scream as her cunt opened up and deposited a huge cascade of come into my waiting mouth. Collapsing onto the pillows, I gently stroked her soft flesh until I finally could not hold it any longer and laughed at the sight of the carrot protruding from her quivering asshole. Cami looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a growl between her hysterical laughter.Then, it was my turn as Cami rolled me onto my adolescent russian models tummy, crawling fully atop me. Kissing the nape of my neck, she began to travel down, down my back, licking my shoulder monika child model blades, then the deep channel of my spine. She nibbled at my vertebrae, moving down so slowly, I screamed."Cami, please don't make me wait. Please," I begged, trying in vain to lift my hips up to her searching mouth. She continued to move so slowly, stopping at the small of my back, her tongue vladmodel free pics dipping into the tiny dimples just above my ass. Oh, God, that was Storylady's favorite, I thought, my heart once again reaching out over the 3,000 miles to her love. sandra model fans Cami began to kiss my left cheek, little soft kisses over every inch of skin. I felt her tongue tapping at my cheek as she licked above my crack to my other one. Once again, her kisses, her tongue and now, little nibbles, sucking the flesh into her mouth and nibbling."Oh, God, Cami, so good, so wonderful," I breathed, lifting my ass just a bit from the bed. A playful smack on my cheek put me back down. Now, I felt her tongue touch the soft, dark crack between my cheeks and I sighed, feeling her breath against me. Slowly, every so slowly, her fingers spread my cheeks apart and I felt the rush of air touch the little puckered entrance. I felt her tongue touching the soft flesh of the insides of my cheeks, over and over as my asshole opened and closed, begging her for attention. I felt her tongue touch the soft puckered flesh surrounding my asshole and moaned as my juices began to flow with force. I felt the nerve endings in my asshole sing, like strings on a precious violin, as I pushed back, begging her for entrance.Suddenly, I gasped as her tongue touched the entrance to my asshole. I screamed and arched back hard, feeling the length of her long, thick tongue penetrate deep into my rectum, moving around and around, touching the walls of my body. I felt my orgasm begin to climb once again and gave myself over to it completely. Her hands slipped beneath me and a finger from each of her hands slipped into my cunt, moving around and around inside of me, almost touching her invading tongue in my asshole.I came with such force, I threw my amaginations model mayhem body back at her face, burying her between my clutching ass cheeks, pouring another flow of come over her grasping fingers. I cried out with such force, my throat hurt from the effort until, at last, I collapsed in a heap, Cami's face still in my ass, her tongue still moving around and around inside of me. At last, she broke free and crawled up to cuddle me in her strong arms, holding me, kissing me until we both fell asleep.I awoke, suddenly, to the feel of a tongue rampaging over my back, over my spine, shivering at Cami's touch. teen model download I saw the desk clock flashing, telling me that I had been asleep for two hours. Two hours! My God, I felt so relaxed. So warm, a thickness in the air that felt so . . . wonderful. I lay there, allowing the feel of her tongue to carry me away, my mind slowly regaining equilibrium. I closed my eyes and pictured Storylady, her long, delicate fingers, her magic tongue, her deep concern for me, our love. I put all of those characteristics onto Cami's ministrations on my body and gave myself over to her completely. Turning toward her, I watched her eyes glow in the soft light filtering in from the bedroom window and reached for her, bringing her down to me."You were marvelous," Cami whispered, her fingers gently moving a strand of my hair from my eyes. "I have never come that hard before," she continued, little kisses playing on my cheeks, my nose, my forehead."Mmmm," I murmured, my fingers lacing through her hair. "I want more of you, Cami. I need more, much, much more," I said, my fingers dripping down to lightly caress the soft, firmness of her breasts. Her nipples immediately popped to attention as I took them between my fingers and thumbs, pulling on them, twisting them. Cami groaned and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth, touching mine, touching everything, dropping dollops of her saliva into kacy model video me. I tasted the sweetness of her mouth and let my hand trail down to touch her cunt. Oh, God, I thought. She's flowing again! For me. Just for me.Cami's mouth russian models butt left mine and trailed kisses over my cheek, to my ear. "Cali," she whispered, just before her tongue speared into my fotos petites models ear. "Do you like toys?"I turned to face Cami, watching the slow, evil grin play over her beautiful mouth, the glow growing brighter in her emerald eyes. I returned the evil smile with one of my own. She quickly kissed me on my lips and climbed down the bed on all fours, my eyes glued to the swaying ass cheeks, reaching for her. Too late. She fell off the end of the bed with a loud "Fuck!" and giggled as she continued her crawl to the suitcase on the floor. Our of my sight, I groaned in anguish, calling out for her."Cami, please. Come back to me. I can't wait!" I urged, looking into the darkness, listening to her rummaging through her things. Finally, she stood and turned to me, hidden for the most part in the darkness. I goth model galleries heard an evil cackle from the darkness as her shadowy figure moved slowly toward the bed. As she approached the frail light from the window, I saw her. And, gulped. She has slipped into a harness that held a beautiful, perfectly formed, bright pink cock. Oh, my God, yes, I thought. Fuck me. Yes, Fuck me, my mind cried at the sight as she knelt at the foot of the bed, leaning back on her haunches. I approached on my hands and knees, lowering my head to inspect her new, perfect appendage. It was a special dildo, a perfect replica of a man's cock, with fully three inches of cock buried inside her cunt. I lifted the cock, fondling it, feeling its approximately eight inches of length, already wet by her own juices. I began to slowly jack her cock, running my thumb over the bulbous head, and glancing up to watch her eyes begin to roll back sexy brazillians models in her head.I pursed my lips over the soft, smooth head and slowly began to take the cock into my mouth, letting it slip over my tongue, licking the soft surface, feeling the heavily ridged bottom, the come tube, thick and delicious. Slowly, so slowly, I fed the thick cock down my throat, feeling the raised veins rub against the top of my tongue. I reached beneath the fake balls to touch the lips of Cami's pussy, felt the thick come that dripped so readily from her laika model body, my fingers slipping inside, touching the extension that rested inside her. As I continued to suck her cock, I moved the extension in and out of her body, listening to her scream my name as she began to fly through another orgasm. I let my hands slip free of her cunt and held her around her hips, waiting, cock in mouth, for her to regain her control.I leaned back on the bed, my legs raised, thighs spread apart, waiting, waiting, waiting for Cami to come to me. I watched her rise and crawl forward, her hands sliding up my thighs, lips kissing asian models sexy the insides of both of them. The ridiculous look of this anita model young gorgeous woman with a wobbling cock seemingly growing from her cunt was, at the same time, so sensuous that I started to flow even more. A final lick at the center of my pussy, then she lifted my thighs and placed them over her shoulders. I felt her hands reach down to open my pussy and place the head at the entrance to my vagina. I grasped her dangling breasts little girl modelling in my hands and held on for dear life as she slowly, ever so slowly, began to slide her cock into me.Oh. Oh, God, it was so good! So thick! So long! So filling as she slowly fed the length of her cock deep into me, finally touching the beginning of my cervix. I stephanie childsupermodel com screamed her name as she slowly withdrew the cock, almost all the way out, then, quickly, drove it back into me."Fuck me! Fuck meeeee, pleasee! Harder! Harder!" I screamed as she began to fuck me. Deeper and deeper, her own screams mixing with mine as the extension plowed back and forth inside her. My eyes were wide open, watching her exquisite pain of approaching orgasm and watched her hand slip down to flick the switch at the side of the harness. Suddenly, model girl underwear the cock deep inside of both of us began to vibrate. Oh, Goddd, I thought, I'm falling, falling.I reached behind Cami and grasped her ass, squeezing her cheeks, letting my wet fingers slip inside her asshole as we moved all over the bed. Our orgasms spasmed at once, the tingling exploding over and laura nn model over, searing my mind, pictures of Storylady bursting teen model nonude over my conscious mind.Cami fell atop me, her body shaking so violently, I began to pray that she was not having a heart attack. Soon enough, though, I felt the heaviness of her breathing against my cheek and her movements to lift herself onto her elbows above me."Cali, my God! So wonderful," Cami breathed. "You are such a wonderful lover. Do you mind if I drive down here occasionally to meet with you?"I smiled at her question, so foolish, of course. "I would be very, very disappointed if you wild models did not, you silly woman," I laughed."Oh, one other thing," she said, fixing me with those explosive green eyes of hers. "Who is Randi? You cried our her name so many times.""Mmmmm. A very, very long story, my lovely woman," I whispered, a bit embarrassed at the question. "A very wonderful story."The next night was a repeat performance before she had to saddle up for a flight home. But, what a two-night performance. Cami's husband, a very nice, is not a very sexual man. And, I am the first woman she has ever experienced that she has asked for a repeat performance. Mmmm. And, I relished each and every moment. Of course, I wrote to my Storylady several times, telling her each delicious moment. And, now, my story is for posterity!I hope you enjoyed Cali's story. She is such a wonderful woman. A dream and my very best friend. Stay tuned for Randi XXVII as I return to my own adventures, just for you. Please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my Toni526 hotmail email address.
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